Please remember.....

 The Internet offers a variety of ways to find meanings to your dreams.

Alot of this can be extremely confusing!

There is only one true way to know the meaning of your dreams and that is to take it to prayer! 

God will reveal to you what He is trying to say but you must remain open to hear His calm voice inside of you.

Those of you who have matured in your walk with Christ already know and trust this voice!

 As you prepare your dream request, please remember to be as specific as possible.

Take time and try to remember all the details of the dream.

Dreams have been God's way of communicating to us since biblical times. 

It is the time in each day that God uses to reveal to us his intentions while our minds are free from distractions.

Each night we are sleeping, our minds are busy replaying the day's events, our emotions, who we interacted with, and our goals.

Keeping a dream diary is important every day!

There is important messages, signs, ques, hints that God reveals to us about people, situations, and our own futures. Keeping a log of your dreams helps you to prepare, equip, and understand your life and its many battles. Have you ever encountered an event and said to yourself, I have either dreamed this or done this before? This is an example that God was preparing you for this event in your life.

When I do dream interpretation for someone, I take a biblical approach such as: Are there any corresponding scripture to match the dream? What is God telling me prophetically about this person and this dream? After reviewing all this then I summarize the dream into a message of instruction to the seeker.