The Coming Rattle

    Wednesday morning I awoke to an uneasiness and tension. I sat for a moment taking everything in and trying to process what was going on. I proceeded forth with my normal routine to pray then God gave me a few second vision. I saw one part of the earth suffering from a rattle of earthquakes within days of each other. It seems unclear still if they made a wave and rattled like that across the hemipshere or all at once. While the vision was taking place, I heard the Lord say, " Get ready for the great rattle." Unfortunately, i do not know the length into which how long this will last. I also understand there already have been great earthquakes recently. I deeply sense through prayer, that this uneasiness or stress in the air is possible due to unrest within the earth. 


    Today, while praying once more before publishing this, God spoke and said , " Extreme dryness will lead to more disruptions of many kinds. Dry earthquakes, causing ground instability, and all related climate reactions will follow. " 


    On another note, I saw a vision of the insurance systems having major overlooked strains placed on them financially due to multiple storms, etc. Straining the economy more due to inability to properly prepare for the extreme nature. 

    As I hear more information, I will relay it! God speaks when He is ready!  


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